Born and raised in southern California, I grew up in a musical family, learning my first guitar chords at age 10. I studied music in college, considered a career in classical music, but banging away on my Taylor and singing to my own tune has always been home. My EP, "My Own Reflection", released in 2016, featured sad love songs, frustration with people, and learning to be your own hero.

     2019 was a game changer. After years of performing, deciding to call it quits, and hopping into studies for a "practical career", somehow I ended up on a stage in Denver, Colorado performing an original song for my musical hero, Jewel. Nope, I didn't win that competition...but that experience was like looking into a mirror and seeing for the first time what my inner artist had been screaming for. I found my true voice, the courage to let it be heard and the fire to hop back on this journey.      

      2020 has been the detour no one saw coming. In these uncertain times, I've grown more dedicated than ever to the integrity of the song, the beauty of artistic community, and to the wholeness we are all searching for. The sound is a little more country. The words are a lot more sassy.

Thank you for staying on the journey with me.

My debut COUNTRY single, Square One, is OUT NOW!