Ever feel like you just go round in circles with someone and can't seem to speak the same language? That about sums up my debut Country Single: Square One. It explores communication frustration and confronts personal pride. In the grand tradition of songwriting, it could be considered just another love song gone wrong, but maybe somewhere in there is a spark of clarity for navigating today's clashing social seas. Square One is an original take on upbeat foot-stomping Country/Americana that features bluesy country electric guitars, a twangy acoustic guitar, trashy backyard drums and a catchy hook of a chorus that you'll catch yourself humming long after you hear it. Available now!


This EP is the culmination of my personal and musical journey, I dove into studying other artists and production techniques that I am inspired by. Dave Chitty engineered, mastered and co-produced this EP. Three of the tracks include collaboration with Michael Allen Sandoval. The creative process with Michael was awesome. He contributed additional engineering, and also performed acoustic and electric guitars, drums and percussion adding just the right kind of seasoningI'm proud of this project. You can find it on all digital music platforms.


Released in 2014, "The Truth Is" explores the conflict of finding love, but feeling the pull of others' opinions, and the discomfort of stepping out of your own boundaries. Produced and engineered by Dave Chitty. Acoustic guitars reminiscent of Ed Sheeran, electric guitars influenced by Neil Finn.

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